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January 30, 2010

Saturday 9 – Everybody is a star

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Saturday 9: Everybody is a Star

1. Did you ever think that you’d be a star? If yes, doing what?

I was always going to be a singer /dancer. I would practise in my room, singing in the hairbrush and perfecting my dance moves …. I actually was pretty good (in my own mind)

2. Tell us about the last time you had a romantic dinner.

We went away to celebrate our 25th Wedding anniversary – I organised a special weekend away at Jenolan Caves heritage house. Our dinner was a 6 course meal … everything was so lovely … we had a beautiful time. OMG that was 6 months ago – we need to do it again

3. Tell us about your worst job interview.

Ha – that’s easy – went for a Community Development Job and the first question they asked me was “what is community development” and I went completely and utterly BLANK and couldn’t answer the question !!

4. Tell us about your stupidest date.

Too long ago to remember – I do remember the stupidest comment I ever made on a date – I was about 17 going out with a 21 year old … who asked me if I liked the martial arts …. I replied “I love all sort of art work”

5. How much in common do you think you should have with a romantic partner?

a fair bit – good to have some things that are separate too.

6. Tell us about a favorite meme that you loved but no longer posts.

dunno …  I tend to ‘drop them off’ like I did with this one for a while

7. How did you get into blogging?

my friend Lee had one – and I was just about to go on my first trip on Route 66 and thought it would be a great fun way to record our adventures – haven’t stopped writing since !!

8. Do you share all your fantasies with a significant other?

nope not at all …. i have a nice little one going at the moment that is all MINE !!!

9. What change in your life would you like to happen this year?

more weight loss, keeping in contact with friends more, more dinner parties, more fun !!!


July 5, 2009

Saturday 9 (on sunday … been away !!!)

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Saturday 9: Yankee Doodle Dandy

1. What is your favorite 4th of July memory? (If you aren’t in the U.S., then use your own national holiday.)

Ok – i’ll play here – even though I’m not American and don’t celebrate the fourth …. BUT …. in 2007 we spent the 4th of July in the states. Our 1st Fourth event was a concert and fireworks under the arch in St Louis on the night before – it was great – awesome atmposhere – but soooooooooo many people …. we ended up back in our rooms watching the fireworks from the window.

the next day we drove to Lincoln …. expecting something ‘big’ to be happening there … but no!! So our last stop was Pontiac – where we found a vantage point to watch the fireworks from … but it rained !!!  I did however discover fireflies – OMG … i was enthralled by them …. and we had a HUGE chocolate thick shake – i remember that too !!!

2. Do you consider yourself patriotic?

I love Australia … and yes i think i am

3. Do you like fireworks?

Yes – our big fireworks day used to be in June …. and was banned a number of years ago – I do miss having ‘cracker night’ in the back yard and i hate the big flashy fireworks shows  😦

4. What are your plans for this weekend?

I’ve been away … scrapbooking with freinds

5. Are you optimistic about the future?

Yes – for my own and the worlds … I’m hoping we can heal it

6. Do you think everyone should serve in the military?

hmm – tricky one there, I think a lot can be learnt by being part, but I don’t think people should be forced to

7. Would you support a constitutional ban on flag burning?


8. What end of the political spectrum are you?

well that depends … because i work in the community sector, my vote will go to the party who is ‘there for the people’ one who is less talk and more do …. let ME run the country  … I’ll fix it up !!!!

9. Where do you get your news?

TV mostly – and snippets online
I’m very bad at keeping up with world events – sometimes i like that … that i don’t know everything that is going on

June 28, 2009

another regular meme place i’ve found ….

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they get me thinking – so i like to play along … join me if you will ……

Saturday 9: I Want You Back

1. Where were you when you heard that Michael Jackson died?
I read it on a scrapbook forum of all places … so then went searching to find out if it was true, couldn’t believe it, he was so young.

2. How do you think that he will be remembered?
I hope he will be remembered for his music and his contributions to the industry. He had his quirks, and plenty of scandals, but fact remains he was an incredible talent

3. What was your favorite Jackson tune?
Ohhh I do like thriller … but there was also “black and white’ and my favourite i think would be ‘don’t stop till you get enough”

4. Did you watch the original Charlie’s Angels?
yes – i think i was a regular – watched a re-run yesterday – i didn’t remember they drove Mustangs !!

5. Did someone you know have that poster of Farrah?
No …. she’s so gorgeous

6. Did you consider her battle with cancer heroic?

anyone who goes through a cancer battle is heroic, while I haven’t seen the documentary, I imagine that will be a way of showing people how horrid this disease is, and hopefully make them more aware and take preventative steps and make donations for research

7. Were you a fan of The Tonight Show Starring Johnnie Carson?

we didn’t get that on TV here in Aus

8. Did you like Ed McMahon on the show?

didn’t really know him – only knew ‘of’ him

9. What else will you remember McMahon for?
…. see above

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