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August 10, 2008

Matinee Muse – delusions of grandeur

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my fans adore me …
It’s hard to walk down the street without being stopped and asked for autographs and photos ..
I usually oblige them …
it is imporatnt to be good to the fans ..
they made me who I am …

my song is number one on the charts …
its been there for 38 weeks now ..
pretty impressive for my first song …
everyone loves it ..
i hear it everywhere, the radio, in stores, people love dancing to it …

you know they said i’d never make it …
a voice like mine was not what anyone had heard before ..
but i persevered …
i wanted this so much ..
i wanted the adoration, i needed the attention …

at the launch, he comes to me ..
tells me how he loves what i have done …
how my music moves him..
that i fill his thoughts …
and that he wants to kiss me ..

the alarm goes off
shit !


Matinee Muse – beyond your wildest dreams

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i will love you forever
i will stay by your side
i will be there for you
whatever you need

you mean everything to me
you are my world
you are the one i’d give my life for
without hesitation

we are good together
we belong like this
we can be even more
….beyond your wildest dreams

August 2, 2008

matinee muse – we’ll always have ..

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We’ll always have …….

We’ll always have the bond we share
we’ve proven time and time again
even through tough and troubled times
our love can cure the pain

We’ll always finish sentences
that the other tries to start
we’ll always laugh at stupid things
we are joined together at the heart

We’ll always share our pride
as our children grow and bloom
we watch them with a parents love
hoping one day A will clean his room !

sometimes we sit and talk all night
in constant chatter
sometimes it is in silence we share
it doesn’t really matter

We’ll always have each other
i know this deep inside
we’ll always be together
standing side by side.

from matinee muse prompt this week

July 26, 2008

things are not always what they appear

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when you see me
who do you see ?
what do you see ?
do you judge me ?
do you make comment ?
do you snicker ?
do you have pity ?
do you care ?
do you think you see the real me ?

do you remember ….
things are not always what they appear

if only ..

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if only i hadn’t made the same mistake twice
most people say they learn the first time
but no
not me
not only did i do it the first time
i thought i’d try it a second time too
of course i thought it was so different the second time
thought that of course this was IT
this was going to be THE ONE
who was i kidding
it was just me playing around with myself
trying to fool myself into believing this was what i really wanted
that this was the road i wanted to take
the crash as i came back down to earth was probably heard for miles
they say things happen for a reason
and this i believe
not only for the first time
but for the second time too
and things grew stronger
things grew better
i grew stronger

but in my head
i still say
if only ……..

from the Matinee Muse prompts

July 20, 2008

the final cut

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there was nothing left
he could not see a way out
his eyes were misted by tears
the blade sharp
the note written
the feelings that he could not express
poured onto the sheets of paper
splattered with blood
he cried
as he made the final cut

again from matinee muse … i didn’t actually read the prompts correctly – but i still enjoyed writing it

the dark night

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there was no warning
she closed her eyes as normal
but once she was asleep
the dark night overtook her
her dreams took her places she didn’t want to go
places she didn’t know existed
places that scared her
she was enveloped with fear
she awoke gasping
remembered nothing

a play on the “Dark Knight” prompt at matinee muse premiere prompts

ok here i go again

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i wrote so much last year – but had to take down the blog when my online stalker found me

hopefully the new address and new identity will make me safe online and what perfect timing when i hear about a new prompt site …. matinee muse

so enjoy the ride with me as i explore words yet again

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