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October 16, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009 ~ Climate Change

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I do not profess to be an expert on this in any way shape or form, but I do know that we need to do something. Australia’s temperatures are changing, in 2008 we had another increase in the average temperatures, I know that things are different from when I was younger – things HAVE changed.

What I do know, is that we can all make  a difference, by being responsible and taking action and doing what we can. By letting our Governments know we won’t support them unless they start to take action.

I have always been interested in the environment, I still have a report I did for school 20 years ago on pollution and the effects (that I got 110/100 for !!). I began a local recycling project  in our neighbourhood and from this our local Council brought in regular kerbside recycling (I’m very proud of this).  I try to be environmentally friendly where I can, and always think that every small thing I do CAN make a difference. If everyone makes a little change in CAN help.

check the “things you can do at home” on this website do one or two … or all of them…. Make a difference… do SOMETHING

Proud to be part of BLOG ACTION DAY


June 7, 2009

Dancing in Dubbo (aka the Westies go to the ball)

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wrote this on the way back from our trip to Dubbo …. sitting in the car … it all just came to me ….

Our bags were packed we were ready to go

A long trip lay ahead on the road to Dub-bo

Driving for miles with nothing but trees

Our legs getting tired, and seized up our knees

The radio played country music all the way

And Kath won the music quiz they started to play

Before too long we arrived in the spot

The wind it was freezing, it certainly wasn’t hot !!

We shopped all the morning then met Kelvin for lunch

We chatted and talked, we were a rowdy old bunch.

We went to some lessons that to learn some new moves

We twisted and twirled and gave it some groove

We showed our new dance that was called Stuck on Elvis

And when Kelvin taught it he wiggled his pelvis

We then had a nap and made ourselves pretty

We were so tired because we’d walked half the city

Then like Princess Cinderella it was off to the ball

We waited at home for a handsome prince to call

But without a pumpkin or chariot to ride

We walked to the venue and ambled inside

The music was playing songs of our dreams

Half the country was there, or so it seems

We danced all night on a sea of red

They liked our new dance and it went to our head !!

Too many dances gave Kathryn no air

But Jackie was smoking and she didn’t care

Pat was a regular they all knew her name

Chris was still dancing, we were so glad we came

Before too long the clock it chimed midnight

But those country folk kept dancing it was such a delight

We danced back home our feet were so sore

Yet we would have stayed if they offered us more

Dancing with Kelvin was in our dreams

But it wasn’t just Kathryn … or so it seems !!

We slept dreaming of boots, cowboys and cowgirls

Dancing with coaster steps, kicking and twirls

We awoke the next morning and lost Pat and Chris

We went to the zoo, but gave it a miss !!

The long drive home was looming ahead

And all we could think of was our own comfy bed

So this is the end of our Westie fairytale
It won’t be our last – we’ll go again without fail.

~Kathryn~ May 2009

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