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February 21, 2010

unconcious mutterings 369

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I say … and you think … ?

  1. Teeth ::  Clean
  2. Sweeten ::  The pot
  3. Demons ::  Angels
  4. Pizza ::  Pie
  5. Protector ::  Page
  6. Smooth ::  Operator
  7. Coat ::  Jacket
  8. Pebbles ::  Bam Bam
  9. Pregnant ::  Amber
  10. Sing ::  Goal

February 14, 2010

unconscious mutterings 368

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I say … and you think … ?

  1. Suitcase ::  PACK
  2. Exhaust ::  FUMES
  3. Olympics ::  COLD
  5. Cargo ::   HOLD
  6. Previously ::  EARLIER
  7. Wild card ::   JOKER
  8. Artificial ::  GRASS
  9. Gambling ::  ADDICTION
  10. Exhibition ::  DISPLAY

February 8, 2010

Sunday Scribblings – Message

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It came out of nowhere – it was not what she was expecting at all.

Each word, as it left his lips, was like a slap to her face and she fell back in shock.
Who knew ?

She had been so caught up in herself and her own fantasy world that she’d forgotten the real world was around her, and that those in the real world might have noticed her decline into herself.  The decline had been happening for months, but she’d deluded herself into thinking it was all OK,  and that no one would notice, but this was the second time it had been brought to her attention. The first message she ignored,  choosing instead to walk away from the messenger and placing the blame on them. NOW it was too confronting.

Her heart hurt

She couldn’t sleep
She didn’t know what the next move should be

Life felt like it was too hard, she wished she had the courage to end it.
But instead, she sat
heart heavy and hurting
crying out her words

Unconscious Mutterings 367

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I say … and you think … ?

  1. Humbled ::  Sorry
  2. Buns ::  Cream
  3. Snowstorm ::  Oklahoma
  4. Sweetheart ::   Darling
  5. Punch ::  Fruit
  6. Glass ::  Half full
  7. Classical ::  Music
  8. Heels ::  Black High …
  9. Twitter ::  Why
  10. Husband ::  Lost

February 6, 2010

read write poem

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read write prompt #113: the therapeutic cleanse

I am not a prolific enough writer to follow the rules and prompt well this week – BUT there has been one theme of  ‘sadness’ coming though a lot of my work of late …. so my ‘cleanse’ will be to make this a HAPPY piece … and I’ll even use punctuation and capital letters …. and god forbid … it might even rhyme !!!


She turned around and he was there,
It was unexpected, and she could feel the smile spread across her face,
It got harder for her to breathe as she got closer,
She hoped that he would reach for her, to enclose her in a warm embrace.

Just to be beside him was a joy to her,
They sat and talked and shared some laughter as they listened to the band,
But all the time inside her head,
She was imagining him leaning over closer and stroking  her hand.

Over lunch they talked more and more,
The words she wanted to say would not leave her lips or heart,
She kept them to herself and smiled
Because  she knew if she said the words out loud it would mean they’d have to part.

It was time to go, but she lingered on
Found excuses to keep on talking, to keep him with her a second longer,
It seemed hard to bear sometimes
But learning to live with unrequited love was sure to make her stronger.

She drove home with a smile
That was etched permantly on her face for the rest of the day,
As hard as it was for her to live like this
She knows she will get through it and it would be all be Okay.

February 5, 2010

not mine …

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but this struck a chord

A Love I Cannot Share
by Hayley J
I wasn’t supposed to love you,
you are just my friend.
So why do I have these feelings,
I just want them to end.

You do not feel the same way,
I know this for a fact.
But what am I supposed to do,
when these feelings keep coming back.

They do not go away,
no matter how hard I try.
But I simply cannot tell you,
I would rather break down and cry.

So I am stuck with this pointless crush,
this is so unfair.
But I am not able to tell you,
because your reaction I cannot bear.

No one knows how I feel for you,
and I hope to keep it that way.
Because I think if you found out,
you would just turn and walk away.

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