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September 27, 2009

unconscious mutterings ~ 348

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I say … and you think … ?

  1. What pleases you? ::  LIFE
  2. Whatever ::  YOU THINK
  3. Chime ::  IN
  4. Pleading :: BEGGING
  5. Simulate ::  PRETEND
  6. Flashing ::  LIGHTS
  7. Directional ::  MAP
  8. Pink ::  SINGER
  9. Access ::  GO BACK WRONG WAY
  10. Ugly ::  DUCKLING

September 26, 2009

Sunday Scribblings – CHEESE

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How funny to have this as a topic … we have spent the last 3 weeks saying “CHEESE”

Let me take you back to July 2007 …. Hubby and I are travelling along Route 66 in the USA – a perfect roadtrip  for us Aussies, we’re having a fabulous time … and the differences in the “English language” hasn’t proved too much of a problem – we can usually make ourselves understood … like asking for a ‘restroom’ not ‘where’s the loo’ and taking an ‘elevator’ not ‘the lift’ …..

We were in Missouri and visited an Indian trading post …. it wasn’t the friendliest of places, we felt like we were being watched the whole time we were there (making sure we weren’t stealing anything), we made our purchases and headed out the door … as per his normal self my hubby said “Cheers” as he walked out. We headed to the car to find the woman from the store running after us …. “WHAT DID YOU SAY? ” she said threateningly !!
“Cheers” replied hubby …. “it means, goodbye, see you, thanks, have a nice day, that sort of thing”

“hmmmm” she says … “I thought you said CHEESE”

This of course set us off for the rest of the trip saying “Cheese” all the time … fast forward to the last few weeks and us on our third trip down 66 .. and it brought back the “Cheese” memory and we found ourselves saying it all over again. Especially with our friends who knew the story from last time.

I also now have a “BEER” story … we went to visit with a friend on the Route, and he had a bear skin rug on his lounge room floor, I’d never seen a ‘real’ bearskin rug before ….

so I said to my mate “Can I take a photo of your bear on the floor”

he looked at me … and put his BEER on the floor and said “gee you Aussies have some funny habits”

who knew English was so hard to understand !!!!


Beer on the floor vs Bear on the floor

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