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August 23, 2009

Sunday Scribblings – Adult

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I actually like being an adult …  well …. sometimes I still feel like I’m 15 when I’m with my best friend and something stupid can set us of giggling like school kids …. laughing so hard it hurts … or laughing so hard you think you might pee yourself and then suddenly realising you ARE old when you almost do !!!

I like being an adult and having a say in my life .. not being directed around my someone else. I love being able to say no and to do what i want. I like being an adult and staying out late and having fun with friends and knowing I can sleep in the next day to recover.

I feel like i’ve been a grown up forever … sometimes i wish i could have part of my childhood back … but then again – i’ve had a great life and why would i need to change anything ???


unconscious mutterings

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  1. Disguised ::  hidden
  2. Big wheel ::  keep on turning …..
  3. Irritating ::  Annoying
  4. Care ::  Love
  5. Grandpa ::  Grandma
  6. Shooting ::  Rifles
  7. Sunglasses ::  at night
  8. Stampede ::  Rodeo
  9. Painstakingly ::  Carefully
  10. Terrible position :: awkward

August 16, 2009

unconscious mutterings 342

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  1. Delayed ::  late
  2. Irresponsible ::  useless
  3. Stupendous ::  wonderful
  4. Barcelona ::  Spain
  5. Solution ::  plan
  6. Simplify ::  Aby Garvey
  7. Crumble ::  Apple
  8. Podcast ::  Radio
  9. Conversation ::  chat
  10. Homepage ::  www.dot. ….

Sunday Scribblings – Fantasy dinner party

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Something a little different this week…… decide who you would invite to your fantasy dinner party?

The rules are:
– you can invite anyone, living or dead
– you have a table that seats eight, but as you are one, you can invite seven people
– you have to explain why you’d invite them

And for bonus points:
– what would you serve them for dinner?


The table is set with my favourite purple table cloth, there are some low candles along the centre. The glasswear is sparkling and I await my guests ….. because it is such a special day … I’ve hired someone to cook, you know … one of those places that send out a chef to make and serve you …. how swish I feel.

The door bell rings ….  I’m so excited ….

It’s Melanie … my awesome best friend, she’s flown down from Queensland … gosh I miss her living close to me, but she’s one of those special friends that even though we are far apart, we are still connected by the heart. I pour her a glass of wine (she does love her wine …. which does worry me a little sometimes …but that’s another story) and we start catching up on what we’ve missed since we last saw each other. I want Mel at this dinner because I want to share all my special moments with her  ….. oh … there goes the door again ….

It’s Jackie … my other best friend, she and I have a much different friendship to my one with Melanie, but she’s been around for me, and I’ve been there for her, we connected over similar ‘drama’ in our lives and have been together since then, she can make me laugh like no other, but sometimes she is so over the top  I get frustrated with her. She comes and chats with Mel, I’m glad these two get on together, Jack doesn’t drink … Oh my goodness ….. I don’t think I could bear it if she did … .imagine how over the top she would be. I’m glad she is here at my dinner, as there will never be any awkward silences with Jack around (I hope she behaves …. I’ve asked her to !!!)  ….  one minute .. I’ll be back

It’s Adam Duritz at the door ….. the lead singer from the Counting Crows, I’m so glad he came ….. as well as being my favourite singer …. he has this ‘aura’ about him that I’m dying to connect with ….. I met him once after a concert and I couldn’t believe how awesome this aura was. I want to hear more about his music and those lyrics … lyrics that make me FEEL the song, I want to ask about my favourite line from the song ‘up all night’ …. “I’d like to see your eyes, open up real wide, the minute that you see me” and ask him about when he had that feeling. His aura truly was amazing and  and it wasn’t just me that noticed, Billie did too …. oh and speaking of Bil .. is that her at the door ??

Nope …. its Daz … my hubby, late …. hmmm just flown in from wherever his company sent him this time, I get so darned lonely while he’s gone. But I’ll bite my tounge about him being late and hope he doesn’t make too many gaffs tonight, I hate it when he tries to be funny but isn’t …. but then again … that is part of the reason I love him.

KD’s here !!  … KD is my dance teacher and ‘new’ friend. I’ve been dancing for a few years now – but over the past few months I have been getting to know him better and would like to know more. He can make me laugh so much and his classic lines never get stale (“that’s not what you said last night”), well they do …. but I can never help laughing. I thought dinner tonight would be a nice relaxing way to see another side of him.

Sue and Gerrie have come up from South Australia – Sue is my self-adopted big sis,  I met her online and her straight talking common sense won me over, and I wanted her advice all the time,  the big sis I never had !!!. And her Gerrie .. they are the perfect couple, she knows just the right things to say and do and her calmness is something I endeavour to have …. they are so close – they only count as one guest !!  I want to her to meet Jack, Bil and Mel … they’ve not met before, I bet she will have some great questions to ask around the table too.  Was that the door ???

Oh look it’s Drew McAlister …. my favourite Country singer, he is going to play for us too. He’s just back from Nashville … I hope it all went well over there for him ….. I can’t wait to be able to say “I knew him when”, he’s such a down to earth guy – love him and his music.  I can’t wait to hear more about how he writes his songs. The whole ‘story telling’ is so beautiful, and I know that is why he went down the Country Music path … I can imagine he and Adam will have a lot in common … as Adam shares his life stories through song too …..

Oh here’s Billie – she’s always late, my god how I love this woman, we worked together for about 5 years, I learnt so much from her, what an amazing woman, the way she thinks facinates me, I love her thought processes and always wanted to have her rational thinking, this is why we worked so well together and became fast friends, she and Melanie are the two people in the world that share my confidences in EVERYTHING … the only two people that know EVERYTHING about me.

Oh … the chef is about to serve the first course …. what do you mean there isn’t enough chairs ?? just drag some in from the other room … the more the merrier I say !!!



how funny …. when I started thinking about this I had quite a few famous people in mind (I always say Adam as I really want to be in his ‘aura’ again) ….. BuT … then I started to think about who I’d want to share this great moment with … and all my friends came to mind …. so I’d be quite happy as my fantasy to have all my friends who are scattered across Australia and across the world together for one night ….. I’ll throw a shrimp on the Barbie !!!!

August 2, 2009

Sunday Scribblings – Anticipate

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I anticipate that this is not going to end well
I can feel myself slowly sinking down down down down down
I don’t know how I can stop it happening
I guess I’m a bit more prepared this time around
But I’m still scared

I anticipate that the thoughts I’m having will go nowhere
That the dreams and wishes are all empty
There will be no happy endings
And there is nothing I can do to stop it happening
I’m prepared
But still scared

unconcious mutterings – 340

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I say … and you think … ?

  1. Memo ::  Note
  2. Copy ::  Paper
  3. Office ::  Supplies
  4. Stapler ::  Staples
  5. Paycheck ::  Weekly
  6. Watercooler ::  Fridge
  7. Desk ::  Messy
  8. Human ::  Resources
  9. Resort ::  Holiday
  10. Boss ::  Nice

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