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June 28, 2009

another regular meme place i’ve found ….

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they get me thinking – so i like to play along … join me if you will ……

Saturday 9: I Want You Back

1. Where were you when you heard that Michael Jackson died?
I read it on a scrapbook forum of all places … so then went searching to find out if it was true, couldn’t believe it, he was so young.

2. How do you think that he will be remembered?
I hope he will be remembered for his music and his contributions to the industry. He had his quirks, and plenty of scandals, but fact remains he was an incredible talent

3. What was your favorite Jackson tune?
Ohhh I do like thriller … but there was also “black and white’ and my favourite i think would be ‘don’t stop till you get enough”

4. Did you watch the original Charlie’s Angels?
yes – i think i was a regular – watched a re-run yesterday – i didn’t remember they drove Mustangs !!

5. Did someone you know have that poster of Farrah?
No …. she’s so gorgeous

6. Did you consider her battle with cancer heroic?

anyone who goes through a cancer battle is heroic, while I haven’t seen the documentary, I imagine that will be a way of showing people how horrid this disease is, and hopefully make them more aware and take preventative steps and make donations for research

7. Were you a fan of The Tonight Show Starring Johnnie Carson?

we didn’t get that on TV here in Aus

8. Did you like Ed McMahon on the show?

didn’t really know him – only knew ‘of’ him

9. What else will you remember McMahon for?
…. see above


unconcious mutterings – 335

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if you play along – don’t forget to go link your list at the site (click the logo above to get there)

  1. Guest ::  list
  2. Impact :: crator
  3. Unplanned :: pregnancy
  4. Tactic ::  ploy
  5. Delayed :: later
  6. Bombastic :: Mr Fantastic (????)
  7. Comfort :: and joy
  8. Trumpet :: player
  9. Joe :: Dimagio
  10. Budget :: car rentals

June 27, 2009

Sunday Scribblings – Toys

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Horatio Hornblower and a lovely dolls pram are the two toys I have from my childhood, oh, and a fluffy tiger that my brother gave me. These three things are very special to me. I didn’t get Horatio and the pram until I was 9 years old, which was a bit old really for that sort of toy. But it was the first year Mum ever worked so had some money to buy stuff, and she’d always wanted me to have a beautiful dolls pram. My daughter used the dolls pram too, and it is in the roof ready for the granddaughters that come along.

I was going to insert a pic of Horatio Hornblower here – he is a much loved teddy bear, about 2 foot long I guess, and patched and worn and still holds that same ‘teddy bear smell’ that he had … I can’t explain that … but it is a comforting smell. Not that long ago, I decided I wanted him out on the bed, but seeing him everyday wasn’t quite the same as having him put away and then finding him every so often and reminscing.

As my kids grew up I kept so many of their toys, I wanted them to keep for their grandkids etc …. my daughter is now 25 and on her last visit home …. we went through them all. She only kept a few things, and the things that I thought would have been her favourite … she didn’t care for too much !! Maybe they were MY favourite. She kept ALL her books though, she loves to read and will read anything.  So now, sitting not 3 feet away from me as I type are two boxes of toys that I am going to put on ebay …..

Now on the subject of  ‘big boys toys’ – I confess to telling hubby today “Ohhhh yes you ahve to buy it” when he found a TOY mustangcar (he collects mustang toys) that played ‘life is a highway’ and the car ‘dances’ … well how could you say NO to that …..

……………………. I wanna ride it all night long .………………………….

June 22, 2009

a new meme – Sunday Stealing

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my first attempt ….

Sunday Stealing: The Finish The Sentence Meme

1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss… is the best kiss i’ve ever had but the next one will be even better still

2. I am listening to... country music more and more, and that compelation i made for a friend which makes me think of them every time i play it, has become my favourite ‘in car’ cd.

3. I talk… without thinking sometimes, i hate when that happens, you’d think a woman of my age would have learnt by now when it is time to SHUT UP and say nothing … but no … not me … out it all spews ….

4. I love… being alive, i’m so grateful for being here, being part of this world, having good friends, a happy and fun life, being with a man love.. so many things to be thankful for

5. My best friend/s.
.. makes me laugh so much, she is such a character – everyone needs a little Jackie in their lives

6. My first real kiss… was with Mark … hiding behind the fence next to my house …sweet Mark, my first love … and we still talk now thanks to the beauty of the internet 30 years alter

7. Love is... confusing and hard bloody work.

8. Marriage is…
confusing and even harder work

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking... i wonder if today i should have told her ……..*sigh*

10. I’ll always…
have my soulmate in my heart – no matter what

11. The last time I really cried was because... that’s a long story … but lets just say…. my doc was right !!!

12. My cell phone…
is now purple … best $10 i spent was for that new pretty cover !!

13. When I wake up in the morning…
i think do i REALLY have to get up and get on that treadmill or can i sleep for an extra hour instead

14. Before I go to bed… i think do i REALLY have to get up and get on that treadmill ………..

15. Right now I am thinking about… KD …silly really, but keeps coming into my head at odd times

16. Babies are… bloody annoying, was only whining today about how i have NO PATIENCE for screamy kids – keep your kids under control in public places and YES i know I’ll get clucky again when i am a grandma !!!

17. I get on Myspace... just to check where McAlister Kemp is playing next

18. Today I… realised that fantasies don’t often come true

19. Tomorrow I will be… a good day … i’ll make it that way

20. I really want to be…
content and not as adjitated as i have been for the last few months

Sunday Scribblings – Vision

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I have a vision board – I made it to help me visualise my goals.

I’m not real good at goal setting – so it was going to be the “thing” that got my goals in the forefront of my mind.

I have a vision board – that now is behind stuff in the wardrobe.

I’m not real good at goal setting – maybe I’m too scared I’ll fail if i have to face it every day.

I have a vision board ….

I’m not real good at goal setting.

unconscious mutterings – 334

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  1. Divorce ::  settlement
  2. Napkin :: holder
  3. Camera :: case
  4. Leather :: bag
  5. Fractures :: ribs
  6. Flip out :: phone
  7. Coroner :: dead
  8. Atomic :: kitten
  9. Liz :: bet
  10. Leave :: me the fuck alone  😉

June 14, 2009

Sunday Scribblings: Absurd

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OK  – this is less of a writing event today and more of a vent …. so please feel free to move on to the next happy blogger – i wont be offended  🙂

I THINK IT IS ABSURD the way you carry on
Do you have ANY idea how us that surround you are beginning to feel, we try hard to make you feel part of everything that goes on, but you drag us all down. Today was the last straw for me, how embarrassing to watch you react like that AND to ruin an afternoon I had planned for weeks …

you need to let your fucking kids deal with things themselves, geez, they are ADULTS now and you should leave them the fuck alone and let them deal with their own mistakes – it is ABSURD the way you baby them …. he is TWENTY TWO YEARS OLD ….. and you’re no better with your daughter, who is old enough to know better, if you could only see how they use you – and will continue to play on you as long as you let them

STOP BEING SO ABSURD – stop making mountains out of fucking molehills – well you don’t have molehills do you -they are all MOUNTAINS that you turn into …. well ALPS …..

you are soooooooooooooooo fucking draining to be around – LIFE IS GOOD – yes …. we all have bad days ….. yes we all have things that go wrong – but MOVE ON …. LIFE IS GOOD and the more you continue to say that your life sucks and nothing goes right for you …. well guess what – the universe gives you what you want … so STOP BEING SO ABSURD and think positive – do you realise you drag us all down – and we don’t want that – we have enough shit in our own lives and we don’t carry on like you do – if you knew half the things that were going on in my life … but NO I wouldn’t be so ABSURD to think that you’d even care – or that my issues could be anything near as bad as yours

and to finish my rant – HOW DARE YOU – apologise to me – and expect me to say “its OK” when it is NOT and then get huffy with me because i don’t say it …. HOW FUCKING ABSURD


rant over – i really needed to say all that today

unconscious mutterings 333

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  1. Nudity :: naked
  2. Domestic ::  bliss
  3. Burp :: wind
  4. Baby :: blues
  5. Dateline :: tv show
  6. Retract :: take back
  7. Suppose :: guess
  8. Surreal :: imagine
  9. Infidelity :: bastard
  10. Token :: of my appreciation ……

June 8, 2009

Sunday Scribblings – Soulmates

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it is going to be one of those subjects where everyone has their own distinct views …..

– i believe in soulmates
– i believe you can have more than one soulmate
– i believe once you have connected with a soulmate – you will always have that connection
– i believe soulmates come in “both sexes”
– i believe i have met three of mine …..  one of which are my life partner

When i met Lesley online, there was something i can just not explain, something that pulled me to him in a way i’d never experienced before. i was married, so was trying to ignore what was going on in my heart and my head. But after a while – i just ‘knew’ that i had to be with this person. So i left my husband, left my family and went to him – and the connection was amazing. i wish i was a better writer, so that i could write the words to express my connection with this man, how my eyes opened wide when he walked into a room, how my heart jumped if he came close to me, how our journey was meant to be together at that point in time.

we were together a few short weeks, and then ….. well i wont go into details … but lets just say the universe didn’t want us to be together. so things changed quicker than a blink and i felt so empty inside .. because of the connection we had … i didn’t know how i would ever go on without him …. ever …. again if i had the words to write about the hole in my heart the blankness of my mind ….

but my husband was there to pick me up and put me back on my feet, we reunited and moved forward, he knew … i was very clear with him, that my connection was still there to Lesley and i couldn’t imagine it not ever being there. it became just a natural part of our life …  that it was something that happened and we didn’t hide it or not talk about it …  there was not a lot of contact, and over the past 10 years it has become nothing – BUT – Lesley is still my soulmate – things remind me of him, thinking of certain things make me smile, in fact – every time i write i think of him, as he was the one who encouraged me, i wrote some amazing poetry after he left (well i think so  lol !!  PS – please don’t judge the post before this as my poetry  lol ) he was my muse, i wonder if his life ever settled down, wether the demons that plagued him were ever quietened .. i wonder how i would feel if i got the chance to see him again.

he truly was my first experience of a soulmate – and the joy i felt with him … just amazing

a few years later i met Mel,  i was attracted to her on a friendship level, and ‘almost’ physically as well – now this blew my mind a little … as was way out of my comfort zone. As our friendship grew, i didn’t realise it right at the time – but the connection and the attraction was part of her being my soulmate – we are connected – again in a way that i find hard to put into words. we spent a lot of time together in a short space of time … but again … the universe didn’t want us to be together and she moved to another state. I didn’t cope very well, i couldnt’ call her without crying for days afterwards, there was a gap in my soul …….

but about 6 months later … i rang her … and it was just like we had never left …. we finished conversations started 6 months ago …. it was then it ‘clicked’ we too were soulmates. she is an amazing woman, an amazing friend and i can not imagine not having her in my life. we still don’t talk every week, or even every month, but we know when the chips are down, we are there for each other – and we usually ‘feel’ it – and know its time to ring …..

my husband is also my soulmate – this is such a different connection though. this is a mix of the above two – with the addition of a comfort level that makes my soul rest easy. i know that having him by my side for the rest of my life is what the universe has in store. he is the father of my children, the man who can make me laugh, the man who makes me so fucking angry, the man who would do anything for me, the man who i want to make happy more than anything in the word

my love – my life – my soulmate

tomorrow – we will have been married 25 years – more than half my life ….. now that is ‘connection’

sometimes secretly wish i could meet another …. as the way my heart and soul feels when i make that connection ……is …… AMAZING


oh my goodness – a much more open post than i orginally thought of writing …. but i sit here now smiling … happy that i have been able to put these words down to share with the ‘world’

June 7, 2009

Dancing in Dubbo (aka the Westies go to the ball)

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wrote this on the way back from our trip to Dubbo …. sitting in the car … it all just came to me ….

Our bags were packed we were ready to go

A long trip lay ahead on the road to Dub-bo

Driving for miles with nothing but trees

Our legs getting tired, and seized up our knees

The radio played country music all the way

And Kath won the music quiz they started to play

Before too long we arrived in the spot

The wind it was freezing, it certainly wasn’t hot !!

We shopped all the morning then met Kelvin for lunch

We chatted and talked, we were a rowdy old bunch.

We went to some lessons that to learn some new moves

We twisted and twirled and gave it some groove

We showed our new dance that was called Stuck on Elvis

And when Kelvin taught it he wiggled his pelvis

We then had a nap and made ourselves pretty

We were so tired because we’d walked half the city

Then like Princess Cinderella it was off to the ball

We waited at home for a handsome prince to call

But without a pumpkin or chariot to ride

We walked to the venue and ambled inside

The music was playing songs of our dreams

Half the country was there, or so it seems

We danced all night on a sea of red

They liked our new dance and it went to our head !!

Too many dances gave Kathryn no air

But Jackie was smoking and she didn’t care

Pat was a regular they all knew her name

Chris was still dancing, we were so glad we came

Before too long the clock it chimed midnight

But those country folk kept dancing it was such a delight

We danced back home our feet were so sore

Yet we would have stayed if they offered us more

Dancing with Kelvin was in our dreams

But it wasn’t just Kathryn … or so it seems !!

We slept dreaming of boots, cowboys and cowgirls

Dancing with coaster steps, kicking and twirls

We awoke the next morning and lost Pat and Chris

We went to the zoo, but gave it a miss !!

The long drive home was looming ahead

And all we could think of was our own comfy bed

So this is the end of our Westie fairytale
It won’t be our last – we’ll go again without fail.

~Kathryn~ May 2009

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