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March 28, 2009

Sunday Scribblings – Aging

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how appropriate that this weeks topic is Aging in two days I turn 45

for some reason, this birthday is freaking me out a little
to me
that means I am halfway through my life
most of the women in my family have lived till 90
so I’m halfway there
that scares me

there are so many more things I’d like to do before I leave this earth
as my husband kindly reminded me
I may not even live to 90
so it could be worse than I’m even thinking

A few weeks ago
I wrote a list of fifty things I’d like to do before I am fifty
I want to do them all
and more
much more
much much more

my fear is that I am procrastinating on the small stuff too much
I need to make a commitment to the things that are important to me
and work on those things
things won’t happen by themselves
I need to take control of my life
I need to stop being scared
I need to just DO IT.

happy birthday to me – the 45 year old



March 14, 2009

Sunday Scribblings – Dear Past Me – Dear Future Me

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For Sunday SCribblings this week

Dear Kathryn,

Do you remember your school days? I know you don’ t very well, because you’ve told me how you were too busy being worried about what other people thought, how big you were (geez to be that size again !!), and how ‘not popular’ you were. You worried so much about these things – that you missed some of the best years of your life, you could have had friends that would still be with you today, you could have gone on and finished senior high and maybe made different choices (not that the choices you made later were bad ones – just may have been different options back).  I wish you could have seen it back then.

And then of course you left home at 16 and decided to ‘play house’. Whatever were you thinking ? just because your mum and dad split up, it didn’t mean they didn’t want you around, and you know that and I guess just used it as an excuse in some ways. Your innocence was lost way to early, and again, things may have been different. (I reiterate here that things now are great – and there are no regrets – but sometimes there is the ‘what if ….’ factor)

I’d also like to remind you about not getting too close to people you work with, stay as colleagues and keep it separate from your friends, you’ve already seen what can happen here and how it turned your life around. So be careful and don’t let anyone hurt you like that again.

Other than that – you’ve done pretty well …

Keep it up

Love ~Kathryn~

Dear Kathryn

you look great having lost that 20 kilos, i nearly didn’t recognise you, and more than that, you look so fit and healthy, must be so good on your heart.

I love the new house too, I know it’s smaller than what you have, but you can upkeep it so much easier now I bet … and less clutter … so awesome.

I heard that you went to America for a year, that must have been great to have that goal come true. And I saw you on that game show … you were so funny. Did you enjoy your visit to England to see your daughter, I bet she was thrilled to have you there.

I believe you danced at the festival at Tamworth, I know that one has been on your goals list for a while, I hear it went really well and you looked like you’d been doing it for years.

Well, you keep on enjoying life, sounds like things are going good.
Just stick to your goals … and keep believing that they will come true and nothing will stop you

take care


March 6, 2009

Sunday Scribblings – “Listen up because this is important?”

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hey ……. You …….. YES YOU !!

Listen up … because this is important

I want you always to remember these things

  • you are special
  • you are loved
  • you are unique
  • be yourself no matter what
  • dance and sing as much as you can (no matter who is watching)
  • work to live – don’t live to work
  • never understimate the power of positive thinking
  • chocolate is a food group in itself
  • enjoy your babies while you can because before you blink they’ll be gone
  • a puppies lick can cure almost anything
  • don’t wait – do it now

ok .. you can go now

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