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August 10, 2008

Matinee Muse – delusions of grandeur

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my fans adore me …
It’s hard to walk down the street without being stopped and asked for autographs and photos ..
I usually oblige them …
it is imporatnt to be good to the fans ..
they made me who I am …

my song is number one on the charts …
its been there for 38 weeks now ..
pretty impressive for my first song …
everyone loves it ..
i hear it everywhere, the radio, in stores, people love dancing to it …

you know they said i’d never make it …
a voice like mine was not what anyone had heard before ..
but i persevered …
i wanted this so much ..
i wanted the adoration, i needed the attention …

at the launch, he comes to me ..
tells me how he loves what i have done …
how my music moves him..
that i fill his thoughts …
and that he wants to kiss me ..

the alarm goes off
shit !


Matinee Muse – beyond your wildest dreams

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i will love you forever
i will stay by your side
i will be there for you
whatever you need

you mean everything to me
you are my world
you are the one i’d give my life for
without hesitation

we are good together
we belong like this
we can be even more
….beyond your wildest dreams

Sunday Scribblings – Ask?

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Questions to which i seek answers ….

Where do the odd socks go ?

Why do I sleep in when I have a really important meeting on at work that morning ?

Why do I wake up early on the days I don’t have to work ?

Why do I spill dinner on myself when I am wearing light colours ?

Why do I keep eating chocolate when I know it is no good for me ?

Why can’t I get motivated ?

August 2, 2008

Sunday Scribblings – Do I have to ?

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do i have to hear the alarm at 6am ?

do i have to get out of my warm bed ?

do i have to shower and dress for work ?

do i have to check my makeup and hair ?

do i have to race and eat my breakfast ?

do i have to have a coffee on the run ?

do i have to warm up the car ?

do i have to listen to the morning chatter on the radio ?

do i have to drive that 5k to work ?

do i have to go and sit and my desk ?

do i have to have spend all day here ?

do i have to eat lunch at the same place ?

do i have to force myself to continue through the afternoon ?

do i have to lock up the building and head home ?

do i have to cook dinner ?

do i have to clean up after everyone ?

do i have to drag my exhausted self to bed ?

do i have to do ti all again tomorrow ?

do i have to ?

do i ?


matinee muse – we’ll always have ..

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We’ll always have …….

We’ll always have the bond we share
we’ve proven time and time again
even through tough and troubled times
our love can cure the pain

We’ll always finish sentences
that the other tries to start
we’ll always laugh at stupid things
we are joined together at the heart

We’ll always share our pride
as our children grow and bloom
we watch them with a parents love
hoping one day A will clean his room !

sometimes we sit and talk all night
in constant chatter
sometimes it is in silence we share
it doesn’t really matter

We’ll always have each other
i know this deep inside
we’ll always be together
standing side by side.

from matinee muse prompt this week

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